Welcome to BuildSys: ACM International Conference on Embedded Systems for Energy-Efficient Buildings

BuildSys is a selective forum for the presentation of research results on systems' issues in the area of building controls, energy management, embedded, and networked sensors. The workshop provides an ideal convergence venue for the Sensor, Building and Energy research communities to address the research challenges facing the design, deployment, use, and fundamental limits of these systems.

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BuildSys 2016, Stanford, USA
BuildSys 2015, Seoul, South Korea
BuildSys 2014, Memphis, USA


Buildsys 2013, in conjunction with ACM SenSys 2013, Rome, Italy
Buildsys 2012, in conjunction with ACM SenSys 2012, Toronto, Canada
Buildsys 2011, in conjunction with ACM SenSys 2011, Seattle, USA
Buildsys 2010, in conjunction with ACM SenSys 2010, Zurich, Switzerland
Buildsys 2009, in conjunction with ACM SenSys 2009, Berkeley, USA

For more information about BuildSys, please contact the general chair of the current edition available in the website.